Wepronex l AI Automation & Digital Agency

GoSpark, a shopping, discount, and coupon website, aimed to optimize its digital existence and wanted to establish a trusted platform for online consumers to find great deals while going through an effortless shopping experience. To achieve this goal, a visually appealing website is a necessity, that too, while maintaining a user-friendly UI and easy-to-browse deals, along with website maintenance courtesies.


Wepronex, with a team of skilled designers, developed mockups that were presented to GoSpark for approval. As soon as GoSpark’s executive team finalized the designs, Wepronex built a new custom website incorporating user personalization features. The mobile app was designed with a focus on the app’s usability and the geo-location feature that help users to notify of the latest deals in their area.

Project Results

GoSpark expressed their satisfaction with Wepronex’s work and entrusted them with digital marketing services. With a comprehensive strategy, GoSpark’s social media followers grew from zero to a staggering 41,000 and counting. Moreover, the website has maintained a remarkable uptime of 99.94%. Wepronex’s work has significantly contributed to GoSpark’s success in establishing a robust online presence, gaining loyal customers, and generating increased revenue.