Wepronex l AI Automation & Digital Agency

Shoppers – with a world-renowned computer hardware and home appliances business – established a successful physical store in 2007. Since the beginning, they realized the challenge of expanding their reach and providing their customers with a hassle-free shopping experience. They started to pour their thoughts on establishing a solid digital presence and creating an e-commerce platform to cater to their customer’s needs in an organized fashion.


Wepronex stepped in to help eShoppers achieve their goal. We developed a custom e-commerce website that showcased their products, including laptops, computers, and other electronic accessories, and catering to provide a smooth shopping experience. We also developed multi-level categories to help users navigate the website quickly and in their comfort. The website’s front end was designed using HTML5 and CSS3, resulting in a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.


Wepronex’s intervention helped eShoppers expand its digital presence and enhance its customers’ shopping experience. With multi-level categories, users can swiftly navigate the website. Similarly, positive customer feedback increased sales—and effortless navigation improved users’ shopping experience. In the end, eShoppers successfully transitioned to the online market, contributing significantly to their business growth.